Your Councillors

 Cottingham has four electoral wards for Parish Council elections. These are:

Castle Ward - three councillors

Croxby Ward - two councillors

Millbeck Ward - two councillors

Priory Ward - four councillors

All eleven councillors are elected at the same time and serve a four-year term of office.   Cottingham Parish Councillors receive no financial allowances for their term in office, which is from May 2015 to May 2019.   The current members are:

Chairman 2018 - 2019

Councillor Ann Abel - Priory Ward
30 Oakdene, Cottingham. HU16 5AT
Tel. No. 01482 875489

Deputy Chairman 2018 - 2019

Councillor Michael A. Harness - Castle Ward
48 George Street, Cottingham. HU16 5QP
Tel. No. 01482 842138
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Councillor Kevin Casson - Millbeck Ward
6 Northgate, Cottingham. HU16 4HH
Tel. No. 01482 849674
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Councillor Don Hardwick - Millbeck Ward
"Swallow Croft", Park Lane, Cottingham. HU16 5RX
Tel. No. 01482 847929

Councillor Ros Jump - Castle Ward
4 Etton Close, Cottingham. HU16 5LN
Tel. No. 01482 842272
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Councillor Sam Kind - Croxby Ward
16 Hoylake Close, Cottingham. HU16 4QP
Tel. No. 01482 847813
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Councillor Win Knight - Priory Ward
12 Rydal Grove, Cottingham. HU16 5NH
Tel. No. 01482 841844
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Councillor Doug. McLaren - Priory Ward
5 Green Lane, Cottingham. HU16 5JJ
Tel. No. 01482 875189
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Councillor Denise Sloan - Castle Ward
15 Monkton Close, Cottingham. HU16 5ER
Tel. No. 01482 845931
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Councillor Harold Kay - Croxby Ward
The Limes, 43 George Street, Cottingham, Cottingham HU16 5QP
Tel: 01482 876918
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Councillor Alan Wright - Priory Ward
George Place, George Street, Cottingham. HU16 5QR
Tel. No. 01482 848323
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In addition to the eleven elected Councillors, the Parish Council has co-opted four volunteer members to the Cottingham Day Committee.   These are:
Don Maskell - Register of Interest Form
Kate Moverley - Register of Interest Form
Richard Moverley - Register of Interest Form
Mike Spivey - Register of Interest Form


Here is a plan showing the Parish Council Ward boundaries: